Welcome - About The American Scumbag

Our generation is a bunch of lazy assholes, hell bent on the party and pissing and moaning about life through digital venues.

I define our generation. I’m a just an asshole who has done a lot of ass hole things and a bunch more scumbag things. But there is humor and lessons to be learned in everything.

Here is what you are sure to find from the American Scumbag

Ever wanted to know how to pick up a stripper?

Hate the Jersey shore scumbags (I blame them for the fall of America as we knew it) but wanted what they have (women, men, fit body) Ill give tips on how to do it.

Want to know how to get that girl or guy, or not give a shit of you don’t?

Ever fallen hard in life and struggling to regain your footing. Dont worry we all have been there and I will share my experience with that.

Lots of humor from my shenanigans in strip clubs, womanizing, boozing, and vane attempts at dating.

Plus the sure fire rants about:

the people who don’t play by my rules

how our generation is a bunch of assholes and how we play the role in our government encouraging our actions.

The American Scumbag has it all and is about it all: Life, relationships, politics, entertainment, struggles, successes, failures, conquests, heart breaks but most of all…

its about not taking life so seriously, finding humor in everything and learning from our mishaps.

Welcome to The American Scumbag.